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House of Wine


Boise ID




Social Media, Email Marketing and Content Development


400% increase in social media engagement
30% open rates on emails
50% increase in sold-out events

Blog posts:


House of Wine (HOW) is a small, wine lab and education business that offers fun and interactive wine-tasting classes to wine novices and experts alike.


Create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with special emphasis on social media and email marketing that will promote and sell HOW’s general and themed wine-tasting courses.


After conducting a comprehensive audit on HOW’s website, social media accounts, email marketing, and Google Analytics, we determined that HOW needed a new, modernized website optimized for event promotion and booking.

It also needed to consistently communicate its “wine geek” brand through its email newsletters and social media posts to get its audience excited to learn about wine. We worked closely with a web design firm to execute the new website vision.

We also created a content calendar of 2x weekly social media posts (Facebook and Instagram) and bi-weekly email newsletters.

Sample of Work: